"then, she began to breathe, and live,

and every moment took her to a place where goodbyes

were hard to come by.

she was in love,

but not in love with someone or something,

she was in love with her life.

and for the first time, in a long time,

everything was inspiring."

r. m. drake 

it's pretty strange the way that life works sometimes. i stumbled upon my passion for sewing almost by accident a couple..few..5 years ago, as a way of coping with anxiety struggles. sewing was a way for me to relax, focus on something outside of myself, and to do something that allowed me to express my creativity. and all the while making me obnoxiously happy. i started posting my projects to social media, and much to my surprise, i wasn't the only one who fell in love with my creations. the amount of support i received almost immediately was incredible, and still makes me giddy.

with the confidence that this dream was worth chasing, onderbroeks was born. it hasn't been easy, being that i am not a natural-born entrepreneur (my creative soul is to blame for here), but it was worth it. worth every late night, early morning, missed event, and trip "back to the drawing board".

onderbroeks has already taught me so many valuable lessons, and this ever-changing, ever-growing collection is my way of sharing them with you. i've learned that we should all be proud of who we are becoming, and how spectacular we are. i've learned that us chicks have to stick together, and that understanding our vulnerability is key to our strength. i've learned that feeling beautiful in your own skin is just about as good as it gets; and so, i want onderbroeks to be more than just a fun sewing project. i want every piece to be a sidekick, a confidante, and a reminder that we are all made up of beautiful, unique details. i hope that my products can make women feel empowered and thankful for their bodies + their minds; and that's my idea of success.

xx tara